Your earning potential 



Well this is the bit that will probably interest you most.  Following this manual and putting the information into practice should have you on the way to earning over £1000 per week.


You will be paid 55p – 60p per mile by most courier companies for one way.  This can increase by 25% if they require a return job and can be increased further by 25% if the job is out normal business hours.  Because you are freelance allows you to take on other work so you will be paid by one Courier Company and able to be paid by another taking a package to the same destination or dropping along the way.  Effectively doubling your money!   Once your first job is booked in you have usually 30 minutes to an hour to pick up. You can use this time wisely contacting other courier companies in your area letting them know where you are going.  This is where you can offer a reduced rate, which they are more likely to give it to you than pay the full rate with someone else to go there specifically.  Your earnings increase without a mileage increase and the company’s profits increase too due to the lower rate, everyone’s happy!     


Now there is even more good news and even more money to be made!  We have listed 100’s and 100’s courier companies at the back of this manual; you can use the list to contact them in the destination area, to pick up return work.  You have to come back so why not bring a package back with you giving you pure profit as the delivering journey has paid for your time.   If you reduce your rate to say 30p-40p per mile you shouldn’t have a problem getting the work and it is all pure profit.


To help you contact companies there is some great technology available on mobile phones.  Some phones now have the facility to fax, email and text the Nokia 9210i Communicator is an ideal piece of equipment, you input companies fax numbers and fax them on the move telling them you will be in their area and are available for work.  You can fax many companies in one go so you could pick up a job for the return journey.  This again is simple but can be effective increasing your profits further.  For more information on the Nokia 9210i Communicator visit


If you would like to do a mass fax broadcast targeting all the courier companies in the country offering your services a company called can do this for you.  This can be a very effective way of generating a lot of business and they can target specific areas.


Remember once you have established a good working relationship with a number of firms, you should receive regular work, some of them may offer you contract work which will guarantee work for may be one day a week or five days a week, but you will be paid a lower rate and committed to them, but it is another option available.  


A very useful website is they list courier companies that need goods moving that day, they have a facility that enables them to text you with information of companies whilst you are on the road.  If you contact them and tell them where you are going that day they can send the information of goods to be moved with the courier’s telephone number.   The website also allows you to advertise your return journey so that the companies that subscribe to their service can see your details.  They charge a small subscription for the service but it will increase you profits.

 Become a self employed courier and earn £300 + per day being self employed and delivering parcels nation wide.